Bread suitable for… well, nothing

A while ago I decided I will start baking sourdough breads based on a levain starter.
I did everything from scratch – starting with catching wild yeast from raisins by making what my husband called hooch (but that really just is raisin yeast).

My jar of ready made raisin yeast that will be the base for my levain.

From the raisin yeast you make a mama together with some flour. Then you take the mama and mix with some more flour and water and make a chef. A part of your chef is then used to make the levain the day before you intend to bake.
This morning, I brought our my levain cut some off and made dough for 4 breads.

Already when I was cutting off the levain, I had this gnawing feeling that I used far more of it last time I baked. But did I go and double check the recipe? Nope.
So I put the two first breads into the oven, on the nice baking stone we have, and I sprayed plenty of water into the oven to create a great crust.
And after about an hour they come out… very small.
They just look like two round rocks.
And they are heavy.

A very dense, hard and heavy levain bread.

These breads are possibly suitable as a throwing weapon. I complained to the husband and asked him to take one of the beads in his hand – and he couldn’t even pretend that it was anything but a hilarious failure of sourdough baking.
What can I say. Today was not my day.
I’ll make a new attempt tomorrow.
And try to not think about that I spent 6 hours of my day making and caring for a dough that ended up in the bin.

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