How it all started

My car full of dirt and chicken poop.

Well, I guess this wasn’t how it really started – because technically it all started about 13 years ago when we bought this house – but that is a life time and a pandemic ago, so we will just call the second of May 2020 the day it all started.

I bought a car load of garden stuff, like I usually do every spring. Another two boxes for growing vegetables, the usual flowers and pots for my porch. Yeah I wrote the usual pots, because you see, what I normally do is buy pots and flowers with the intent of being an actual grown up and taking care of the pots in the fall so they don’t crack over winter. Except I have still not become that grown up. So the pots were cracked this year too.

And I planted the flowers and all was just the same – until yesterday. That was when I started digging. I blame the pandemic and everyone starting to garden, because now I am infected by this desire to dig as well. I realised that our vegetable garden could be SO MUCH BETTER. So I started digging. And now I have to continue, because now I have a big hole and the rest of the plan has to come in motion because otherwise it will just be a vegetable garden with a strange hole we need to explain.

In the middle of digging that hole. With a needle from a spruce I just chopped down with an axe gracefully placed under my right eye.

So stay tuned. I will be posting everything that happens here.
And that goes for my new knitting adventures and sourdough baking as well.
Because why be original and do stuff no one else came up with during the pandemic when you can just go ahead and garden, knit and bake sourdough bread like everyone else. Oh and run.
Of course I started running again.
Time to go and dig!
(Once the first two levain breads make it out of the oven.)

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