That a hole in the ground can bring such a feeling of accomplishment!

Today I continued expanding our vegetable garden. I had to realise that all my hopes and dreams for our veggie patch won’t come true this year. My husband rightfully pointed out that unless we get some seeds and potatoes into the ground we won’t have any veggies at all this year (I kind of hate it when he is right). So I have adjusted the plan and this week will be all about getting things in order so we can plant.

Unfortunately, a rather large toad had to pay with its life for our expansion – I had no idea it had a hole in that corner of our garden and then suddenly there was blood and gore in front of me – and I had hit the poor thing with the shovel. And now I feel terrible. 😦
I think I need to google how to build toad huts as penance – and make one or two and hope some of this toads babies our cousins want to move in.

It doesn’t look like much, but that corner is about 9 square metres of now plantable space.

But at least I dug out the rest of the corner and mapped out the rest that we need to dig up this year. I had planned to move our strawberries and jerusalem artichokes, but I will settle for just moving the jerusalem artichokes this year and get the strawberries moved next year.
In the newly cleared corner we’ll plant the rhubarb in a raised bed and then we’ll move a neglected grape-wine into another raised bed.

The area with weeds in front of the rhubarb in the picture will also be dug away.
Our garden is quite a challenge to dig in, as it is quite compact and clay rich, and this is also the reason why we’re going for raised beds. And also why I feel stupidly proud over spending about 2 hours digging away.

I’ve also continued knitting on my second pair of socks ever – a pair for my husband.
Yesterday I reknitted the heal 3 times before I got it right. And there are still plenty of mistakes in this sock – but I’m getting there.

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  1. drtkm2010 says:

    good creative efforts! I remembered my childhood days when i had grown groundnut within our household boundary, all by myself ! Papa bought groundnut seed to be soaked overnight in water for snacks in the morning. I just sown the sprouted seeds! Unforgettable memory!


    1. Annika Madejska says:

      That kind of memories are the best! I have some from childhood when my grandmother lived with us. My mother planted some flower seeds – but when they started to sprout she was very confounded as they didn’t look like expected. Turned out my grandmother had seen some stuff growing – ripped it out and planted useful radishes instead. 😀


      1. drtkm2010 says:

        Quite natural as there was no previous knowledge!


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