Third time’s the charm?

Today I dug up a rose that hasn’t been doing that well and planted an Autumn hydrangea called Vanilla-Fraise. This is the third Autumn hydrangea that I am planting.
The two previous ones died terrible deaths by husband.
The first got trampled to death and the second became a victim of the lawn mower.
I am contemplating making a huge signe that says ”Please don’t kill me!”, right next to this latest incarnation of this beautiful bush.

If this little scrawny plant survives, it will hopefully one day look like this:

Since I hopefully will have plenty of time and energy during the upcoming 10 days of staycation, I also made a rye sourdough starter.
I mixed 200g of rye flour with 2 dl of luke warm water, and grated an apple with peal and all and added 100g of that to the jar. Now I’ll spend some days tending to it.
So mudd and goo all around, here at the little croft at the edge of a forrest.

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