Are we there yet?

Made another run to the garden shops today to get the last bits of equipment needed for the garden. Including a mini greenhouse that you put on top of two stacked planting boxes. I’m quite excited about it – even if it won’t be like a real big greenhouse. (I secretly dream of one of those Victorian styled greenhouses with a brick base that is big enough to have a little table and two chairs in it for late summer tea breaks).

I do realise we’re in mid May and I am still mostly buying stuff and preparing to plant…
Good thing that the upcoming week is staycation and the actual reason for it is to work in the garden. But the husband are still asking when we’ll start planting.
We’re not quite there yet.

Oh and I’m knitting another pair of socks for myself.
I need to expand my set of knitting patterns – I have one shawl and one pair of socks. Need to widen my horizons. But at least I’m getting quite fast!

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