When a whole lot of nothing is progress

Major steps made in preparing the vegetable garden today.
The Jerusalem artichokes were dug out of the ground and the major part of the vegetable garden was worked over with the Cultivator.
It is kind of funny that major progress in this case is that there is a whole lot of nothing growing in the vegetable garden.

On a side note – if you ever plant a Jerusalem artichoke in your garden – you will forever be growing Jerusalem artichokes. They spread like wildfire. And even if you move them from one part of the garden to another – they will still grow in the space you moved them from. So be sure you like them before you start growing them…

The plan is now to move the growing boxes to where the soil has been turned. Once that is done, the soil where the boxes are now will be turned and then we can start planting.
Our Jerusalem artichokes will move a bit this year, so this probably means we’ll have them growing in 2 spots this year.
Cool fact about our kind of Jerusalem artichokes – these come from my brother in law’s grandmothers garden down in southern Sweden. She passed away shortly before her 100th birthday many years ago, and since these had been growing in her yard as long as she could remember, it means that this is a kind of Jerusalem artichoke that is at least 100 years old. Nice to have some provenance to ones veggies.

And speaking of southern Sweden – all this digging in the garden would never have happened if we didn’t have the Corona crisis. I would have been in Sweden hanging out with my family right now, which was the original plan for this vacation. Even though I miss my family – I am happy that I have a chance to do some serious gardening.

Oh yeah, I also fed my sourdough again this evening. Soon it should be ready for baking.
I have to find a name for it. I am considering ”Buffy”. Or ”Spike”. It depends on if it will be reliable or more impulsive…

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