Throwing stuff into the ground and hoping for the best

For those of you who never tried to move a giant rhubarb plant that was very well established where it used to grow – I can tell you that it requires a large portion of determination and zero fucks to give about gardening in style. This is sweaty and heavy – and you will probably curse in at least three languages.

All growing boxes were put together, most of them got weed protective cloth and all but four got soil poured into them. I am however 2 boxes short – one we need for our mini greenhouse and the other for a small space that was left between the greenhouse and where I planted the Jerusalem artichokes.

Speaking of those artichokes… you know when you start planting and you’re super careful and make sure you put things in the ground properly and with nice and even spacing?
That held up for three rows of the Jerusalem artichokes. After that I was so tired and my back hated me so much that I just made som space in the ground, poured in some lumps from my bucket of artichokes, covered it all up – and now I’ll just hope for the best. These little root veggies grow like weed anyway – so it should be fine. ut just because I wrote that it will not be fine.
It’s probably good I don’t secretly dream about becoming a gardener.

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