Rye bread and a very important bench

Busy day at the croft!
I baked the Finnish rye bread my husband has dreamt about. After a lengthy process with adding water and feeding the sourdough for 2 days, the bread was finally ready for the oven.
For those interested, I followed this recipe (in Swedish):
And it looks perfect! The crust is hard and it has cracked exactly as it should.
I haven’t dared to cut it yet – hopefully it will taste as fantastic as it looks.

We also got around to sewing all the veggies and planting the potatoes today. All that is left is buying some gherkin plants and squash plants – and herbs for the herbal garden.

I also went to the garden shop and picked up a nice old style bench as I suddenly imagined the vegetable garden with a bench in it – and once I had seen it, it could not be unseen. So now we have a bench to sit on and watch how our veggies grow.
If any archeologists ever dig in our garden in a couple of hundred years, they will find so many lost screws and bits from that bench that they will deduct that this was some sort of major construction site. Thankfully the maker of the bench had anticipated clumsy bench builders and given enough spares for me to be able to put the thing together.

We’ll put some more pots with flowers, and some herbs along that central path where the bench stands. Eventually this will look amazing, I’m quite sure!

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