How hard can it be to make a willow obelisk?

You know how you get that brilliant idea? You can really see the thing you imagined before you, and you figure, that isn’t even hard to do.
Yeah… famous last thoughts.
I wanted a simple willow obelisk for my sweet peas in the garden. Not even a big one because it is for a large pot I bought the other day.
And then I got started.
This was half way through. I was prepared to give up and throw all the sticks back into the forrest.
Every time I got some bits tied together – the sticks in another part would either break free or just migrate through the dirt in the pot.

Making willow decorations – turns out, is not for the impatient ones.
I am known for many things, but patience is not one of them.
And I even have a book that describes the process – however – how hard can it be? You just take some sticks, put them in the pot and take bendy fresh sticks to tie them together in a few spots. Right?
After much cursing and abandonment of aesthetics, it at least got done. But since I also abandoned all technique and just tied it all together in any way that would work – I am quite convinced it will all become undone over night.
Next time, I’ll just buy myself an obelisk.

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