Annika Madejska

A Digital Designer pretending she knows
what she’s doing when gardening and crafting.

Once upon a time I was a journalist. Then I decided to study for a Digital Design degree and now I work with UX and Interaction design. I live with my husband and 2 dogs in a small croft in the Finnish countryside. Due to studying and working at the same time for 3 years – the garden and house has been a bit neglected. And then the Corona crisis came. To not go insane I started about all the things that everyone else also did when we went into social distancing mode: I started baking sourdough bread and finally decided to learn how to knit. And then spring came and I just took the shovel and started digging in the garden.
So that’s me.
Oh and sometimes I paint as well.

Things I do when not working
  • Gardening
  • Knitting (mostly socks)
  • Painting
  • Baking sourdough bread